Adelaide was a mix of German hardening inherited from her paternal dynasty and Italian charm, breathed in the Umbrian valleys between Assisi and Spoleto, where her fatherConrad lived and ruled. Adelaide was the first mistress of Frederick II, known at the time of his marriage with Constance of Aragon. Nevertheless the two women were no rivals butprotagonists of two parallel and specular lives;Constance was the older, well-read and refinedcompanion, while Adelaide was sensual loveand youthful distraction. The figure of Adelaidewas shrouded in mystery, as it happens to everything related to the emperor Frederick II’s private life. Adelaide gave birth to Enzo, king of Sardinia, who among her children, legitimates or not, was the most similar to his Father.


Pure malt ale with a fresh taste, pronouncedly bitter. Adelaide is characterized by an excellent drinkability, it is very scented with hints of citrus and fresh hay given by american hops: its head is thick, creamy and adherent.unfiltered, unpasteurized, top-fermentedand second fermentation in the bottle.

Degrees Plato (°P): 11,5
Alcohol content: 4,9% vol.
Serving temperature: 6 / 8° C
Degrees IBU: 50


Ingredients: water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops (cascade, citra), yeasts.




Thanks to its moderate alcohol content and its distintictivenesses given by the use of American hops, Adelaide well combines with roasts, American ribs, buffalo wings, burgers and chips. The bitter spirit of this beer even perfectly matches with rich salads in particular with those made of white meat.