The mere mention of the name “Anais” reminds fragrances and inebriating scents of the Orient, gold pendants, silver grains and ribbons of purple, exotic essences of myrrh and incense, cedar fruits and mandrake plants. That is what might have thought the young Frederick II tne very moment he met the cousin of her new wife. Indeed, Frederick II married Yolanda of Brienne, queenof Jerusalem, in November 1225 mainly for a diplomaticpurpose. The emperor was fascinated by the women of theQueen retinue in particular by her cousin Anais because of her deep black eyes and her Odalisque bod which reminded memories of distant lands such as Syria, Lebanon and Cyprus Island. Yolanda was still a too young and immature woman so Frederick decided to spend the first night of his wedding together with Anais and started with her a relationship of pleasure and voluptuousness.
However, Anais was a too strong-willed and indomitable woman to accept to be a pure exotic object of pleasure destined to live a life as a concubine. Fredrick considered Anais as hisbeautiful and elusive “flower of Syria” and when she fledand abandoned the Emperor he wrote a moving farewell lamentation in the vain wait for his beloved Anais’s return.


Pure malt ale, brewed with 100% barleymalt. Anais has an important aromaticprofile, smoked notes, intense taste,
dry, slightly bitter and with a caramel and hazelnut aftertaste due to the use of special malts. Its head is compact,creamy and adherent foam. Unfiltered,unpasteurized, top-fermented and second fermentation in the bottle.

Degrees Plato (°P): 16,5
Alcohol content: 6,4% vol.
Serving temperature: 8 / 10° C
Degrees IBU: 28

Ingredients: water of Gualdo Tadino, barley malt, hops and yeasts.




The ideal food pairing for the smoked beer Anais is with seasoned, intense and pungent cheeses, smoked fish and as the German tradition enlightens a smoked beer pairs well with pork shank.