Bianca Lancia, an Italian noblewoman from Piedmont, was one of the four wives of Emperor Frederick II and probably the one he loved the most. They maintained a long-lasting secret relationship and according to some historians Bianca Lancia was the only true love of his life. She was a kind and delicate person, and was constantly and discreetly present during Frederick’s life. Their marriage was celebrated the day when Bianca Lancia was dying, in order to legitimate the political climb of their son, Manfred, who was the last Swabian King of Sicily.


Pure malt ale, brewed with bothbarley and wheat malts. Bianca Lanciahas a fresh taste, a low bitterness and is slightly acid, with a thick, creamyand adherent head. Unfiltered,unpasteurized, top-fermented and second fermentation in the bottle.

Degrees Plato (°P): 12,5
Alcohol content: 5,0% vol.
Serving temperature: 6 / 8° C
Degrees IBU: 15

Ingredients: water of Gualdo Tadino, barley and wheat malt, yeasts and hops, coriander, bitter orange peels.





The fresh taste and the slightly acidic notes of Bianca Lancia pairs in a balanced way with both fish dishes and made of light dressed pasta. Bianca Lancia is also an excellent combination for white meats, cured meats, fresh, seasoned cheeses and also an interesting pairing to have an aperitif.